Orr-Reed Wrecking, Inc.

If you consider an average home of 2,500 Sq. Ft. which has hardwood floors throughout and is being demolished or renovated, Orr-Reed could purchase the flooring and resell it saving nearly 260 cubic feet of waste from entering the landfill and save the owner some of the costs of disposal while converting the waste into revenue.

There are other items usually disposed of during the renovation or demolition process that Orr-Reed and our customers are interested in: claw foot tubs, porcelain sinks, undamaged tile, undamaged glass blocks, banisters, mantels, undamaged stone work, any thing else that could be of use to another who is building or renovating.

So if your making your way around downtown Dallas, and feel like having an adventure, stop on by. We'd love to have you!

Welcome to the World of
Orr Reed
(214) 428-7429

1903 Rock Island St
Dallas, TX 75207

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